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Reiki Master Teacher Refresher Course

Reiki Master Teacher Refresher CourseThis one day course is available for all Reiki Master Teacher (of any Reiki system). It offers the possibility to refresh your knowledge about Reiki and the teaching content of the Reiki Teacher’s degree.

We will focus on the usage of the original Reiki symbols, mantras and the original Reiki initiation rituals.


Master Teacher Refresher Course

This teaching programme is put together to meet each students own requirements.
During the programme you can ask questions and clarify any issues regarding your own Reiki practise.
Tanmaya transmits a unique Reiki Healing Blessing helping to reconnect deeply to the Reiki power and your own essence.

The Course includes:

  • Repetition & Teaching of all Initiation Rituals for: First, Second & Third Degree Reiki.
  • Repetition & Teaching of  the Reiki Master symbol.
  • Usage of  the Reiki Master symbol.
  • Meditation with the Master symbol.
  • Repetition & Teaching Content from First & Second Degrees (if needed).
  • Usage of the Reiki Healing Box
  • Reiki Master Manual
  • One healing treatment CD by Tanmaya

Students trained with other Masters are welcome!

£ 750 / Duration: 1 Day (10.00 am to 6.00 pm).

Additional Options
Enhancement: Incl. Reiki Master Teacher Initiation
Empowerment with the Master symbol
Reiki Master Teacher Certificate
Cost: £ 870

Bookings & Info:
If you are interested in the Reiki Master Teacher Refresher Course.
Contact Tanmaya:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: If you would like a Healing treatment with Tanmaya - before or after the DAY - you will need to arrange this separately (extra costs are applicable).

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“Being a Reiki Master-Teacher is not just about how to initiate others into Reiki and how to teach it. It is more than a healing method – it is a spiritual discipline and a wonderful tool that you can use for your own awakening." ("The Complete Reiki Tutor", by Tanmaya, Published 2008)